Introduction to Natural Dyes Workshop Sunday, April 24 (2023)

Learn to dye respecting nature and its processes: here is the objective of this

For this we combine the ancient forms of staining with the current knowledge that
allow them to be improved, thus avoiding the use of toxins and making better use of resources.
Each participant will take a silk scarf and a small skein of wool dyed in the
chosen tone.

• What are natural dyes; differences with chemical dyes.
• Commonly used dyeing plants, and extraction of their dyes.
• Preparation and washing of fibers before the staining process.
• What is a mordant? Types and processes of etching according to the different textiles.
• Staining in yellows and ocher with plants typical of the season.

From 10:30 to 15:30

€95 (lunch and VAT included)

Cancelaciones: Si por lo que sea tienes que cancelar, por favor escríbenos cuanto antes un email para avisar. No hacemos devoluciones pero te guardaremos plaza para el siguiente taller de tu interés por el mismo importe. En el caso de que el taller sea cancelado por parte de Aletheia, devolveremos exclusivamente el precio íntegro del taller. No nos es posible hacernos cargo de indemnizaciones derivadas de otros posibles gastos.

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