Our outlook is simple: reverence for nature and the well-being of our planet and peoples.

We want to offer things of beauty while countering the process of pollution, exploitation and warming that our planet is suffering. We aspire to change the world we live in and contribute to our sustainability and advancement as human beings.

Nulla aesthetica sine ethica.

Aletheia (ἀλήθεια) comes from a Greek word meaning “truth” or “true essence.”

Inspired by this concept, a small group of designers and artisans decided to investigate the infinite spectrum of colors found in plants. And so, after five years of experimenting with different materials and perfecting the meticulous process of dyeing with natural materials, Aletheia was born.

The pillars on which Aletheia is founded are as simple as they are solid:

1. We believe that it is not the people who should adapt to the clothes, but the clothes that adapt to the particular climate or to the preferences of each person.

It was clear to us from the beginning that Aletheia would not be a traditional clothing brand, and would not fit into the usual mold of seasonal collections.

Warm or cold, from light silks to wool or blends of both, our garments respond to timeless patterns that remain, with minor variations, season after season.

(To get a more precise idea of what line Aletheia follows, you can see the garments in the Store .)

2. We believe that fashion should liberate and beautify, not enslave.

That is why we choose the path of creative freedom in our work, strive to accept our own imperfections and those of others, and celebrate the diversity in the world and nature around us.

That is why each garment has its own story, which makes it unique and unrepeatable.

3. We believe that there is no aesthetics without ethics.

That’s why we care not only about our impact on the planet, but also about our relationships within the team and with our community of artisans, professionals, customers and friends.