The colors obtained from plants differ from chemical coloring because of their deep nuances and because they make each tone unique, just as no two beings in nature are alike. These shades are endless and can be creatively combined according to each person’s taste.

By choosing to work only with 100% natural fabrics such as silk, merino wool, linen, alpaca and mohair, without adding toxic substances or metals, the result is a sensual garment that caresses the body and soul, transcending time and fashion. Our silks are perfect for layering and creating transparencies that enrich different shades or colors, adding nuances or contrasting them with each other.


Many of the plants we use also have medicinal properties, and we believe that our garments, after the natural dyeing process, are imbued with a natural, healing reverberation. When you put them on you will feel a different energy than a conventional garment because each plant has an energetic quality. We say that it is the fact of dressing in nature, and feeling its power.